Festivals & Awards
Nomitation for the Israeli Academy Awards - Ophir 2020 Docaviv, Israel, 2019 Berlin Jewish Film Festival, Germany, 2019
We Where The Others
Written & Directed by: Hadas Ayalon Edited by: Ron Goldman, Maya Klar Produced by: Amir Harel, Ayelet Kait – Lama Films Cinematography: Tulik Galon Music: Eran Weitz With the support of: Kaan, Rabbinovich Foundation Language: Hebrew and English with English subtitles
A story of six Gay men that were born in the days of the establishment of the State of Israel. Their stories serve as the film’s background for the depiction of the clandestine and undocumented lives of homosexuals in Israel during the 1960-70s; From the time that their sexual identity was considered illegal and a mental illness, up until 1979, when a few brave ones dared to go public and demonstrate for their rights, as the history of the Gay community in Israel began to be told and documented.