Festivals & Awards

Jerusalem Film Festival 2009 - Best actress prize
Official selection Film Festival Montreal 2009
IMAJ Belgium 2009 - Best Feature Film Award

Mrs. Moskovich & the cats

Yolanda, a 75 year old lady, has an ongoing animosity to the cats howling in her backyard. The battle between her and the cats leads Yolanda's life in an unexpected chain of events.

Drama,  85 min.
Languages:  Hebrew
Subtitles: English


Yolanda - Rita Zohar
Shaul - Moni Moshonov
Alegra - Shulamit Adar
Malka - Tiki Dayan
Rossi - Idit Teperson
Guest Star - Iacov Bodo
Rafi - Shredy Jabarin
Arik - Vladimir Fridman
Paramedic - Miki Leon


Directed by - Jorge Gurvich
Produced by - Amir Harel, Ayelet Kait, Jorge Gurvich
Co-producer - Elie Meirovitz
Written by - Yoav Katz
Based on the Novel by Yehoshua Kenaz "The way to the cats"

In participation with Lama Films, EZ films, The Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts – Cinema Project

Cinematographer - Shai Goldman
Editor - Yosef Grunfeld
Original Music - Adrien Blaise
Sound Designer - Israel David
Art Designer - Boaz Katznelson
Costume Designer - Li Alembik
Script Editor - Gur Heller


Yolanda Moskovich is an elegant lady; 75 years old, retired French teacher. She lives alone in Tel Aviv and though she likes cooking, loves going out and extremely loves a certain French T.V show, Yolanda is in fact more dead than alive.

She despises the cats outside her building howling night and day and carries out a fierce fight against them, until one night she trips down the stairs and breaks her hip.
Yolanda wakes up in a hospital with a metal screw into her hip. She is being admitted to the geriatric rehabilitation ward. From that moment on Yolanda ceases to have any privacy, surrounded by sick old people and efficient nurses constantly telling her what to do. Death is around the whole time.

It is then, in the gray surroundings of the ward that Yolanda meets Shaul, a handsome old man whom even though in a wheelchair he is a real charmer. Yearning for love, romance and the company of a man Yolanda encounters feeling she no longer remembered having.

When Yolanda's rehabilitation is over and she is sent home. Yolanda & Shaul go separate ways. At home Yolanda finds how difficult it is for her to manage on her own: she can't use the stairs, and can hardly cope with simple daily tasks.

Yolanda is so desperate she is about to give away the only thing she owned- her apartment, to one of the hospital carers so that she will take close care of her. But then, out of the blue, Shaul appears at her doorstep.