Festivals & Awards

Nominated for Best Mini-Series of 2010/2011- Banff World Television Festival
Best Drama of 2010/11- One World Media Awards in London


The Promise

A detailed research of over 70 former British servicemen in Palestine serves as the basic of an Epic story about love, struggle, land, and faith.

Drama Series / 4 Episodes
Languages:  English, Hebrew, Arabic



Erin Matthews – Claire Foy
Sergeant Len Matthews – Christian Cooke
Eliza Meyer – Perdita Weeks
Clara Rosenbaum – Katharina Schuttler
Paul Meyer – Itay Tiran
Max Meyer – Ben Miles
Leah Meyer – Smadar Wolfman
Capt. Richard Rowntree – Lucas Gregorowicz
Omar Habas – Haaz Sleiman
Abu-Hassan Mohammed – Ali Suliman
Leo Rosenbaum – Ulrich Noethen
Hassan – Amir Najar
Corporal Jackie Clough – Luke Allen-Gale
Private Ray Atkinson – Colin Harris
Private Alec Hyman – Max Deacon


Directed by - Peter Kosminsky
Produced by - Hal Vogel, David Aukin
Co produced by - Amir Harel
Written by - Peter Kosminsky

In participation with DAYBREAK PICTURES, Lama Films, Channel 4

Director of Photography – David Higgs
Editor – David Blackmore
Production Designer – Pat Campbell
Music Composer and Conductor – Debbie Wiseman
Costume Designer – Joanna Eatwell
Make up & Hair Designer – Marese Langan


The Promise tells the story of two British characters – Erin, an 18-year-old Londoner who visits present-day Israel for the first time. And her grandfather, Len – a soldier in the British peace-keeping force in 1940s Palestine.

Erin's best friend Eliza has joint British / Israeli nationality although she lives in the UK. She travels to Israel to carry out National Service in the army and invites Erin to join her for the summer.

Erin is anticipating a summer of parties and attractive, young Israeli men but just before she departs she finds her sick grandfather's diary. She starts to read it en route to Israel and learns about his life in the army in the then Palestine. She discovers Len witnessed first-hand the atrocities of the Holocaust and the violent events that occurred when the modern state of Israel was established.

Moved by Len's account and the realization he wasn't much older than her when he wrote it, Erin retraces his steps in modern day Israel. Her journey is exhilarating and turbulent in equal measure. She is forced to confront the drama, complexity and tragedy of life in this trouble land for Jews and Palestinians alike. She also uncovers the disturbing conclusion to her grandfather's service in the middle east and a deep love and understanding for a man she had naively written off as old and irrelevant.