Festivals & Awards
Jerusalem Film Festival, 2017 - World Premiere Museum of Fine Arts Boston, US, 2018 Washington Jewish Film Festival, US, 2018 Toronto Jewish Film Festival, Canada, 2018 Musée d'art et d'histoire du Judaïsme Paris, France FILAF 2018 – Festival international du livre d'art et du film de Perpignan – Compétition, France, 2018 Berlin Jewish Film Festival, Germany, 2018 San Francisco Jewish Film Festival, US, 2018 Museum of Fine Arts Houston, US, 2018 Chicago Jewish Film Festival, US, 2018 Jewish International Film Festival, Australia, 2018 Hong Kong Jewish Film Festival, China, 2018 Kolnoa - Festival of Israeli documentaries, Slovakia, 2018 UK Jewish Film Festival, UK, 2018 Pitigliani Kolnoa – Jewish Film Festival in Rome, Italy, 2018 Filmsreal Middle East Film Festival, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2019
The Museum

Director & Scriptwriter: Ran Tal

Producers: Ayelet Kait & Amir Harel

Cinematographer: Daniel Keden

Editor: Nilli Feller

In Participation with: YesDocu / The NFCT


The Israel Museum is Israel’s major cultural institution. Its establishment 50 years ago was a significant statement by the new state that decides to recount its national narrative through archaeology, Judaica and art.

The year 2015 was dedicated to the museum’s 50th anniversary, the per-fect time to get a glimpse of the galleries, the storerooms, the labs and the offices.

Through scenes depicting preservation, curatorship, construction, guests visiting the galleries and art classes we will depict the vast components of Israeli society, as well as its history as it projects off the museum walls.