Festivals & Awards

Haifa Film Festival
East European Docs
7th Festival of Israeli Cinema in Paris 2007
Holocaust Center of Northern California

The Cahana Sisters

Four sisters that survived the holocaust. Four memories.

Documentary, 52 min.
Video, Beta Digital
Language: Hebrew
Subtitles: English


Directed by - Gilad Melzer
Produced by - Amir Harel, Gidi Avivi, Gilad Melzer 
Script by - Gidi Avivi & Gilad Melzer

In participation with
Lama films, yes Docu, The New Fund for Cinema and Television

Director of Photography - Eli Tzoran
Editing - Oron Adar
Sound - Moshe Dor, Gerard Allouche
Line Producer - Yael Biron
Make-up Artist - Hadar Kadman
Original Music - Tel Aviv Trio
Sound Design - Aviv Aldema


Gilad Melzer's documentary film is a group portrait that illuminates a unique and dramatic life journey. As far as we know, this is the only historical case of four sisters that had survived the death camps together during the Holocaust. The film presents the personal stories and memories of each one of the sisters, whose narrative many times contradict and collide with one another. Their meetings - emotionally charged but sometimes also entertaining events - enable them for the first time to expose their innermost feelings and to frankly discuss their complex and entangled relationships.