Festivals & Awards

Grand Prix winner- Marrakech Film Festival 2012
Toronto International film festival 2012
San Sebastian International Film Festival 2012
The Dubai International Film Festival 2012

The Attack

An Israeli-Palestinian surgeon, shocked to discover that his wife was involved in a suicide-bomb attack, ventures into Palestinian territory to confront the people who recruited her.

Drama, 102 min
Languages : Arabic/ Hebrew
Subtitles: English


Amin- Ali Suliman
Sihem- Reymond Amsalem
Inna/Kim- Evgenia Dodina
Raveed- Dvir Benedek
Adel- Karim Saleh
Capt. Moshe- Uri Gavriel
Dr. Ilan Ross- Vladimir Friedman
Ezra Benhaim- Ezra Dagan
Myriam Benhaim- Esti Zewko


Directed by – Ziad Doueiri
Produced by – Jean Brehat, 3B Productions
Executive Producer – Amir Harel
Written by – Ziad Doueiri, Joelle Touma
Source Author: Yasmina Khadra

Cinematographer – Tommaso Fiorilli
Editor – Dominique Marcombe
Original Music - Éric Neveux
Art Designer - Yoel Herzberg


Amin Jaafari, an Israeli surgeon of Palestinian origin, is completely at home in the society of Tel Aviv. He has a happy marriage, a brilliant career and numerous Jewish friends. When a restaurant suicide bombing kills 19 people and the police confirm that his wife, also dead in the explosion, was responsible for it, he completely refuses to accept the accusation. But his convictions start crumbling when he receives a posthumous letter from his wife confirming her authorship of the crime. Gutted by the revelation and desperate to understand how he could have missed even the slightest intention in his wife, Amin Jaafari leaves the relative security of his adopted homeland and enters Palestinian territories to find the fanatics who recruited her.