Life as a Rumor

Assi Dayan, son of  General Moshe Dayan, is the “Israeli Forrest Gump”, the  man who saw it all.

3 chapters, 40 min. each
film version , 123 min.
Hebrew with English subtitles


Created by- Assi Dayan, Adi Arbel, Moish Goldberg
Produced by - Amir Harel, Ayelet Kait
Directed by - Adi Arbel, Moish Goldberg

In participation with
Lama films, Channel 8- Hot, Channel 10, The Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts – Cinema Project, Israel Lottery council for culture & arts

Editor- Tal Rabiner
Line Producer- Michal Eliav
Graphic design and Animation- Arik Boaz
Music Editing and Sound Design- Aviv Aldema
Cinematographer- Shark De Mayo
On- line Editor- Yoav Raz


“Life as a Rumor”, is a documentary autobiography by Assi Dayan, son of renowned Israeli General Moshe Dayan, and one of Israel’s most prominent film directors and actors.

This is also the story of the Dayan family, the “Israeli Kennedys”. This is the portrayal of intergenerational struggles, about founding fathers and rebellious sons.

Assi Dayan is what you could call the “Israeli Forrest Gump”.

His life has seen all of Israel’s major political and cultural crossroads. Israeli history is depicted here from a personal perspective, by a man who saw the behind the scenes of the epic events and had much to say about them in the daring films he made. Born with the country, his tumultuous life story and the narrative of the nation both merge and clash with one another.


“An astounding series, edited at a superb pace with precise archive footage, witty, yet unforced texts, and primarily, no talking heads attesting to the “deceased” and bogging down the whole thing… Leaves the viewer breathless with an equal degree of envy and pity for a man called Assi Dayan.”  ("Ha'Aretz" newspaper)
“A fantastic series by Moish Goldberg and Adi Arbel, who got Assi Dayan to tell the story of his life in his voice, with captivating honesty and with the help of rare documents and photos that had never been published. The result is one of the most powerful documentaries ever made in Israel.”
("Yedioth Aharonot" newspaper)
“Life as a Rumor” wisely employs archive materials, Dayan’s text and his raspy and warm narration… One cannot deny Assi Dayan’s ability to tell a story…”
("Ynet" internet news site )
“A moving autobiography… Dayan is a wonderful storyteller of his life, he is mesmerizing, funny, tragic and still possesses all that personal charm… His honesty is hypnotizing, prophetic at times, he tells it like it is and does not recoil from the reflection”
("Ha'Aretz" newspaper - Gallery)
“A powerful documentary project… Testimony to the power of a well told story… The texts are incredibly honest.”
( “Pnai Plus” leisure magazine)
“Filmmakers Adi Arbel and Moish Goldberg did an impressive job of stitching this spectacular inlay.”
("Maariv" newspaper)
“A gripping and sensitive autobiography.”
("Walla"- entertainment internet site)