Festivals & Awards

Haifa International Film festival 2010 - Mention of Honor

Operation Naftali

Two young architects propose a renovation program for an old housing project in Jerusalem one that can change the inhabitants' life. Will the succeed doing it?

Documentary, 52 min.
Video, Beta Digital
Language: Hebrew
Subtitles: English


Directed by - Vered Yeruham, Oren Reich 
Produced by - Amir Harel, Ayelet Kait
Script by - Vered Yeruham, Oren Reich

In participation with
Lama Films, yes Docu 

Cinematography - Oren Reich
Editor - Vered Yeruham
Original Music - Avi Belleli & Roy Yarkoni


Operation Naphtali depicts a period of time in the life of a Jerusalem apartment block that is a microcosm of Israel, creating an allegory of a society whose attempts to improve itself are stymied by disputes between individuals and mutual suspicions