Veterans - Jerusalem Film Festival

A tragic-comic voyage following a group of elderly veterans, once heroes in the Red Army and now uprooted immigrants.

Documentary, HD
Languages: Russian, Hebrew
Subtitles: English


Directed by - Tanya Aizikovich
Produced by - Amir Harel, Ayelet Kait
Script by - Tanya Aizikovich

In participation with
Lama Films, Yes doco, the new Israeli Foundation for Cinema & TV, CBC

Cinematographer- Tanya Aizikovich


The film will focus on the veterans, once fighters in the Red Army and now uprooted immigrants fighting for their place in society, pushed to the fringes of Israel’s remembrance culture, which is populated with local heroes and maintains no interest in foreign ones.
Together, in the shadow of illness and aging, they experience little moments of joy that are expressed in the meetings of the veterans’ organization and its various activities. As they fight for a bit of recognition in Israeli society, their biggest dream remains a journey back in time, to the landscapes of their past, where the boldness of their youth was transformed into a lifetime pride.
This year offers the veterans a special chance to release the mundane chains of the present and celebrate their past in full glory. June 22nd 2011 will mark the 70th anniversary of the German invasion. This date, together with the feeling of living on borrowed time, fuel the veterans’ desire to embark on what may be their last adventure. For several months now, they have been sitting deep into the night, or more accurately into the early evening hours, analyzing maps of the battles in which they took part in order to plan the grand voyage, which will be the apex of the film. Throughout what is to be a comic, sentimental, yet a sad journey, they will be confronted with the way they have remembered the past and face the new reality of present-day Russia.