Festivals & Awards

Best Documentary - Jerusalem Film Festival 2016

Dimona Twist

How would a girl, coming from a large city, feel as she gets off a truck in the dark night with her family, to discover she is in the middle of the desert with only sand surrounding her

Documentary 73 min


English Subtitles


Director: Michal Aviad

Producers: Ayelet Kait & Amir Harel

Editor: Nilli Feller

Cinematographers: Shark De Mayo, Itay Marom

Sound Desginer: Aviv Aldema

Music Composer: Ophir Leibovich

In Participation With: Lama Films, YesDocu, Second Authority for Television & Radio

Barbara Dobkin, The Spielberg Archive

Israel Lottery council for culture & arts


World Sales: Go2Films



Seven women, who arrived in Dimona in the 1950’s and 60’s, when the town was first established, tell their life stories, all utterly different, yet painfully the same. They talk about suitcases filled with modern dresses, pearl necklaces and Elvis Presley and Paul Anka records, which they brought from North Africa. They tell of the schools in Dimona, absorbing new immigrant children on a daily basis. They relate their experiences as young women working in newly established textile factories, and going out to the discotheques in between shifts. They recount stories about the pains of immigration, the aches of adjusting and their determined and creative attempts to live a rich life. The women tell about men whom they met at the bus stop, at the factory or at a party: those who were the loves of their lives, and those who broke their hearts. Their stories open a unique window onto a reality which has been totally ignored.