Festivals & Awards

Montpellier Film Festival, France 2001 - Antigone d'Or
Israeli Academy Awards 2001 - Best Director, Best Supporting Actor, Best Art Direction, Best Costume, Best Original Music
Valencia Film Festival, Spain 2002 - Best Script

Desperado Square

This is a film about people who have missed their great love, and are trying to create their future. This is a film about the love of cinema, set up in a colorful neighborhood.

Drama, 97 min.
35 mm
Language: Hebrew
Subtitles: English


Seniora Mandabon - Yona Elian
Aron 'Gabardine' - Uri Gabriel
Avram Mandabon - Muhammad Bakri
"Jellyfish" David - Uri Klausner
Gila the waitress - Ayelet Zorer
Yisrael the Indian - Josef Shiloh
Nissim Mandabon - Nir (niro) Levy
George Mandabon - Sharon Raginiano
Plump Sara - Tamara Dayan
Yudakis the singer - Shlomi Seranga


Directed by - Beni Toraty
Produced by - Amir Harel, Haim Manor
Written by - Beni Toraty

In participation with Lama Films, Maagalot Productions, The Israel Film Fund, Reshet channel 2

Director of Photography - Dror Moreh
Editor - Yosef Grunfeld
Original Music - Shem-Tov levy
Sound Designer - Gil Toren
Production Designer - Elhanan Toraty
Costume Designer - Dalit Inbar


A year after the death of Morris Mendevon his son Nissim has a strange dream. In the dream, his father appears and orders him to reopen the old neighborhood cinema he had shut down twenty five years before his death. On that very day Avram Medevon, Morris' brother, returns to the neighborhood after an absence of many years. The Mendevon sons decide to screen the famous Indian film "Sangam" which used to be an old time neighborhood hit. Their mother Seniora does not approve of the screening, but they insist.

While searching for "Sangam" they find out that Avram Mendevon holds the only copy of the film but he will give it to them on one condition... As the brothers persist with their quest new family secrets are to be revealed.