Directed & Written By: Ran Tal Can a leader succeed in influencing the world?
Directed By: Hadas Ayalon Israel 2019 | 54'| Mid-Length Documentary

Director: Shaked Gorem

My uncle, was killed in the 67' war.
I grew up as part of the 'Israeli family of bereavement'.
My grandmother, Amos's Mother, is 90 years old. In the last year her health has deteriorated. I applied to the Ministry of Defense, for nursing care that she is entitled to get.
Their response left me speechless as I discovered something that will change me and my family forever.

Directed by: Ran Tal

A year observation at the Israel Museum, embodying the State of Israel’s greatest myths

Director: Michal Aviad

How would a girl, coming from a large city, feel as she gets off a truck in the dark night with her family, to discover she is in the middle of the desert with only sand surrounding her

Directed by - Yossi Aviram
The Astonishing Story of the Polgar Sisters, Judit, Susan and Sofi Polgar, three Hungarian sisters which changed forever the world of chess.

Directed by - Tanya Aizikovich

A tragic-comic voyage following a group of elderly veterans, once heroes in the Red Army and now uprooted immigrants.

Directed by - Adi Arbel, Moish Goldberg
Assi Dayan, son of  General Moshe Dayan, is the “Israeli Forrest Gump”, the  man who saw it all.

Directed by - Ran Tal

The story of the “Sakhne”, one of the largest, most famous and most visited parks in Israel.

Directed by - Mamdouh Afdile

A secular Arab-Israeli director returns to his religious family to settle a longstanding dispute about demons and ghosts

Directed by - Taly Goldenberg

The cinematic portrait of Lia van Leer, the founder of the Israeli Film Archive, of the Jerusalem Cinematheque and the Jerusalem International Film Festival.

Directed by - Yonatan Nir & Zafrir Gelman

A true story about a man that will do anything to release himself from his painful past

Directed by - Vered Yeruham, Oren Reich

Two young architects propose a renovation program for an old housing project in Jerusalem one that can change the inhabitants' life. Will the succeed doing it?

Directed by - Shachar Magen

Pnina S., Pnina G and Pnina R. want to find out the truth about the rumor that their grandmother was murdered as an act of revenge by members of Nili.

Directed by - Ran Tal

The children of the sun were born into the kibbutzim of the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s, they were intended to be everything they parents dreamed of. This is their story

Directed by - Itamar Alcalay

A "Furry tale" about Stefan Braun the legendary furrier and his partner and lover Eliezer Rath

Directed by - Ari Davidovich

The rise and fall of the legendary musicals producer Giora Godik

Directed by - Gilad Melzer

Four sisters that survived the holocaust. Four memories.

Directed by- Shachar Magen
Like Proust's Madelein, three senior citizens are trying to immortal their own memories during a creative writing course.

Directed by - Assaf Harel

"The Ben Gurion Affair" tells the incredible story of the events that drove Ben Gurion to his downfall.

Directed by - Arnon Goldfinger

A funny-sad story that unveils the life and career of Yiddish actor, Pasach Burstein, and his family.