The Company

Located in Tel Aviv, Lama Films is one of the leading production companies in Israel, concentrating on social-, political- and cultural-oriented projects.

Since the turn of the millenium, Lama films produced a line of internationally acclaimed and successful films, thus established itself as a major production company in the local scene, as well as a first-choice addressee for production companies from around the world, who seek co-productions in the Middle-East.

Whether documentaries or fiction films, Lama Films’ productions address phenomena that reflect the essence of Israeli existence, yet still appeal to diverse audiences around the world.

The portfolio of Lama Films include, among others, the US box-office success “Walk on Water” (Eytan Fox 2004), the 2006 Oscar nominee for best foriegn film “Paradise Now” (Hany Abu-Assad, 2005), the Cannes Film Festival 2007 Camera d’Or Winner “Jellyfish” (Shira Geffen & Etgar Keret, 2007), and the Annie Awards 2009 nominee for the Best Animated Feature & Best Directing, the acclaimed animated film “$9.99” (Talia Rosenthal, 2009)

The People
Ayelet Kait

Before arriving in Lama Films, Ms. Kait worked as a line-producer and as executive producer in a long list of films, both in Israeli TV networks and the local film industry.

Ayelet joined Lama films in 2005 as a partner.



Amir Harel

Beginning his professional career as film editor back in late 80's, Mr. Harel produced his first film, "The Square of Dreams", in 1999, in a collaboration with the late film producer Haim Manor. A year later, he initiated Lama films as a self-owned company.

Since then Mr. Harel led his way picking his projects thoughtfully and carefully, keeping long-term collaborations with directors, screenwriters and film-editors, as well as production companies from around the world.